Friday, May 26, 2017

TUTORIAL: How to Add Non-Slip Soles to Your Slippers

If you've been wondering how you can wear your crocheted (or knit!) slippers without slipping and sliding all over the place (ahem, hardwood floors anyone?) then you've come to the right place! Here is a quick and easy tutorial for attaching non-slip soles to your slippers, so that those hardwood floors don't get the better of you. This is especially great for baby/toddler slippers, because we all know they don't need any more trouble learning to walk. :)

Crocheted or knit slippers, ready to go!
Non-slip sole material (I bought mine here, but I am sure there are other similar products online)
Hot glue gun
Foil (recommended)

So, you have your crocheted or knit slippers ready to go, with only one thing missing: a non-slip sole! Take one of the slippers and place it on the wrong side of the fabric (not the non-slip side - the other side:) and, with your pen, trace around the sole of the slipper. If anything, trace a little wide so that when you cut it, your piece is too big rather than too small. You can always trim the fabric once you have cut it, but you can't add to it!

Now, assuming that you are better at tracing than I am, you will have a pretty outline of the sole of your slipper! Cut around the outline, so that you have a piece of fabric perfectly fitted to the sole.
(Note: it is totally fine if your cut-out piece looks a little wonky...mine always do! We will trim it up after we have glued it to the shoe.)

Now, with your hot glue gun, cover the shoe sole with glue. You want to do this all pretty quickly so that nothing dries before you put the non-slip sole one, so make sure everything is ready to go once you start glueing. I recommend doing this step with the glue gun on some foil.

Carefully align the cut-out sole with the slipper sole, and gently press the two together. Hold it there for a minute or so until you are sure the glue has dried.
At this point, there are probably patches along the sides of the slippers that could use some more glue. Just stick your glue gun in there and add the glue, until the entire non-slip fabric piece is glued securely to the shoe sole.

Once the glue is completely dried, take your scissors and just trim all the extra non-slip fabric around the sole until you are happy with the final product! 

As you can see, this is not rocket science, but I have found that even this simple technique makes it a lot easier to enjoy my crocheted slippers! And, as I said before, this is great for child, toddler, or baby slippers - for obvious reasons. :)

If you want an even quicker fix and don't have time to buy the non-slip fabric, I have also added some extra grip to the soles by just using the hot glue gun to add little dots or strips of glue directly to the crocheted sole and letting them dry. Easy peasy!

I hope this tutorial is helpful and inspiring, and I wish you the best of luck in your fight against hardwood floors! :)

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